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scooter rental phuket for rent throughout the island of Phuket, our agency is the only one to have real insurance that covers you. We rent without a deposit! All you need is to present a copy of your passport and a copy of your driving license. the motorbike license is not mandatory. Find us in our store.

The art of driving in Phuket
Renting a motorcycle or a motorbike in Phuket seems one of the best ways to get around freely at a low cost. With so many things to see, you want to be able to go anywhere, anytime.

But driving in Phuket comes with a few risks and dangers. Following these basic rules might help to avoid unnecessary trouble.

scooter rental phuket

It’s not as bad as it seems, but it can be surprising. Renting a motorcycle in PhuketThe best is to rent from a well-known international brand, usually scooter rental phuket or from your hotel; easy, safe and worry-free. It might also be a good idea to get full insurance to cover all possible costs,

and you can even rent a GPS for 100 baht to find your way around. You’ll need an international driving license, a credit motorcycle, and a passport. If you choose to rent from a private company, only use reputable companies, as scams are not unusual when the motorcycle gets scratched,

Which Model of Scooter To Chose in Phuket When you have to chose the scooter to rent

it’s important to evaluate many different aspect. Using a scooter is much better than using public transport or motorcycle, so motorbikes are the best solution.

The models have different price and a different weight. For you it can be easy to drive a model more than another.

Check all the specs of the different models scooter rental phuket and chose the one that satisfies your needings the most.Basically, small scooters are cheaper than big ones, but the big ones give a better experience guide and are more powerful.

scooter rental phuket

Think about the storage too: big motorbikes allows you to store more items, so they are better for longer trips.After that, chose the color that you prefer and book your vehicle.

You can contact me via mail or via Signal, Rapidqueen  Telegram or Line to know more about the renting price.Renting a motorbike in Phuket is one of the easiest and most convenient ways of getting around the island. The nippy little scooters are very simple

to operate and can dodge through the worst of the traffic

getting you from place to place in the quickest time. They are also one of the cheapest modes of transport, with prices starting from 150 baht per day.

Naturally, motorbike rental in Phuket scooter rental phuket has its hazards, as does driving anywhere in the world. This page will take you through the potential pitfalls and hopefully ensure that you have a worry-free time exploring the island on 2 wheels.

scooter rental phuket

Phuket bike rental shops Motorbike rental shops are quite common around Phuket, particularly in the resort towns like Patong, Kata and Kamala. They are especially easy to find around the cheaper hotels away from the beach. Most hotel information desks will be able to direct you to a nearby reputable place.

Look for well-established businesses that keep their vehicles in good condition. During the hiring process, the renter should inspect the vehicle and document pre-existing damage. You should never give up your passport under any circumstances, scooter rental phuket least of all when renting a vehicle. Let them take a photocopy, by all means, but the original should never leave you.